We are a young, visionary team that does not copy but creates the future in the design and construction of pet houses. The Pet Presto system, the first folding system for animal shelters, was born two years ago in response to our customers needs. Once the dog house was built, it was very difficult to carry, it was extremely bulky. In a dinner after talking to my brother, we both had a vision, a folding house system that we could reassemble and fold. Thus, the customer will be able to carry it very easily and assemble it home alone, very simple and fast.

I started with a cardboard layout, after which I saw that the system is working and I went to the execution of prototypes from different materials. Finally, we chose birch plywood, find the most durable and environmentally friendly material we tested. Two years later, countless tests and tests have brought us here, in front of you, with a totally and totally unique product to everything in the world of animal shelters - Cusca PET PRESTO.



Poor quality wood, which in time, due to dryness, is moving away, allowing the cold to penetrate through these places?

Our cages are made of exceptional quality wood; 18 mm birch plywood, very solid and resistant.

Unsafe for pets, the wood that is the most used or cracks in the chips?

The wood used by us does not crack, does not split into chips, certainly for pets.

Cages require assembly in a medium to long time depending on the installer s expertise?

The pre-assembled system, 5 minutes of actual assembly time!

Weather-resistant only after applying an extra, costly and time-consuming treatment.

Weather-resistant from factory! The Pet Presto system is treated with a special paint and is prepared for both the cold and the warm season.

Standard cage, size and banal appearance. Most of the trade cages have a simplistic look, not having the ability to personalize them.

Possibility to customize the size and design. At your request, we can make any size of the cage, paint it in the desired shades and apply any painting / reason you want.

Most of the paints used in conventional cages are not environmentally friendly. Most often, fir wood is used, a tree with slow growth, but also in very great danger because of deforestation.

The PET PRESTO System is environmentally friendly! We only use organic products to treat wood. We use birch plywood, an eco-friendly tree, with very rapid growth compared to the fir tree.

Non-assembled wine seams, some of which even require electrical tools?

It only requires two SIMPLE tools, a hex and a screwdriver, which are included in the package.

Most of the cages do not come with carpets, so you have to buy a blanket or a cloth separately to protect your animal from cold.

Pet Presto cages come with an inside carpet to keep your pets as comfortable as possible. This carpet is removable and can be cleaned very easily.


Color palette


Pet Presto cages can be manufactured in the following variants:

PET PRESTO STANDARD, with fixed roof, two-way or roof-top version, in one water. Standard models can be ordered in a combination of two colors, of the following available colors: White, yellow, red, green and blue

The Standard version can be ordered in the following outer dimensions:

  • Standard Petit -- L-600 x l -400 x H – 650;
  • Standard Medio -- L-800 x l -600 x H – 750;
  • Standard Grande-- L-900 X l -700 x H – 900;
  • Standard XL -- L-1000 x l -800 x H – 1000.

Pet Presto Clasic

  • Standard Petit - 750 lei / 165 euro
  • Standard Medio - 1100 lei / 236 euro
  • Standard Grande - 1400 lei / 300 euro
  • Standard XL - 1700 lei / 365 euro

Pet Presto Telado

  • Standard Petit - 700 lei / 150 euro
  • Standard Medio - 1000 lei / 215 euro
  • Standard Grande - 1300 lei / 280 euro
  • Standard XL - 1600 lei / 345 euro

PET PRESTO PREMIUM, in two models, the CLASIC model, with two-seater roof and the TELADO model, with the folding roof in one water.

The advantage of Pet Presto Premium is that you can choose both the size of the crate, up to 150 cm in length and 120 cm in width, the combination of colors in which the cage will be painted and last but not least the painting model you want . The color variants you can choose from can be found in the RAL palette. All Premium models are hand-painted with ecological paints and lacquered to better protect painting from external factors.
The prices for the Pet Presto Premium models will be based on the size, color and complexity of the painting you choose.

Pet Presto Clasic

  • Premium Petit - 1000 lei / 215 euro
  • Premium Medio - 1350 lei / 290 euro
  • Premium Grande - 1750 lei / 375 euro
  • Premium XL - 2050 lei / 440 euro

Pet Presto Telado

  • Premium Petit - 950 lei / 205 euro
  • Premium Medio - 1300 lei / 280 euro
  • Premium Grande - 1600 lei / 345 euro
  • Premium XL - 1900 lei / 410 euro


You can contact us daily at +40 732 342 730, using our Pet Presto System facebook or using the contact form.

Frequent questions

1. Do you have cages in stock or order?
We currently have no stock in stock, we only work on order!
2. How long does it take to make a cage, from the moment the order is placed?
Orders are honored according to the order they arrived. Execution and transport time is between 7-14 business days. Depending on the complexity of the project and the number of orders, the duration of the order s payment can be increased
3. Is transport free?
Yes, when buying at least 5 Pet Presto cages!
4. Do you have to pay an advance to launch an order?
Yes, advance payment is 30% for standard and 50% for custom!
5. What fabrics are made of the cages and how high are they?
The cow feet are made of beech wood, very resistant to moisture and shocks, their height being 5 cm.
6. Do you have a Pet Presto cage guarantee?
Yes, the warranty is 24 months.